We understand, the delicacy of the classic Jackie-O pearl strand is timeless but it’s also a little too traditional for our modern era. Although we will forever swoon over the original femme accessory, it’s time to reinvent the way we wear pearls.

This is where we come in, infusing new life into the art of pearls, our brand transforms traditional pearls into something bold, contemporary, and accessible. Driven by versatility and breaking the ‘evening only’ limitations of pearls, we use specific color and pattern combinations to create texture, ease, and style. Whether you’re grabbing a morning coffee or painting the town red, we have the perfect pearl piece for every occasion.

We value sustainability as much as we value modernity, which is why we ensure our selection of pearls are ethically sourced from conscious pearl farmers who protect and preserve marine life, always. Handmade in the heart of Stockholm by Bianca herself, each piece is personal and made with care.

From freshwater pearl necklaces combined with gold plated beads to pearl bracelets and phone charms, our brand provides modern pearls, like you’ve never seen before.