A dreamer, creator and pearl-lover, my name is Bianca, the designer and namesake of Pearls by Bianca Gasparetti, and welcome to my world of precious pearls!

Since a young girl, I had always loved fashion and design – the colours, the combinations, and the freedom to express. But my true passion was sparked during the global pandemic when I was at home, brewing with ideas and itching to create. It’s during this time that I had noticed pearl necklaces began to make a comeback.

New styles, shapes and colors surfacing within the millennial generation, and I couldn’t help but want to be part of the pearl revolution! Cue Pearls by Bianca Gasparetti – a brand dedicated to premium craftsmanship, modern living and play within pearls.

Driven to make freshwater pearls affordable, accessible, and contemporary to a new generation, I am always developing new designs and matching the latest trends to ensure all women can wear, cherish, and enjoy pearls, every day.